Our Story

Every brand gets stronger as it’s consistently associated to a concept. Träume which means “to dream” in German, represents, to its founders, the challenge of becoming known as one of the best companies in the supplies and engineering market. With great flexibility in attending the market’s demands and requests, Träume seeks to absorb the special needs of our partners and provide solutions.

Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission

To ensure the excellency in products and services, to continuously seek out administrative and technological innovation; to promote qualification, motivation, and team spirit culture among our workforce; to comply with our clients’ requirements and demands adding up value to the chain of products and services conquering our clients, suppliers and workforce loyalty.

Our Vision

To be recognized as one of the best national market engineering solutions companies, offering innovating products and services with the quality demanded by the market, reaching the required financial return to allow the business continuity.

Our Values

Träume Solutions has a permanent commitment with quality, turning ethics, professionalism and competence the foundations of our work.

  • Seriousness and Ethics
  • Profitability
  • Belief and Appreciation of the Human Being
  • Personal and Professional Development of the Workforce
  • Innovation
  • Services Excellence
  • Environmental and Social Responsibility

Quality Policy

Traume Solutions has the commitment to continuously improve its Quality Management System and services, ensuring the satisfaction for clients and the applicable requirements, business partners and co-workers, acting in a strategic manner with the engineering and Consulting service providence; installation, commissioning and electromechanical maintenance; signage production; laboratorial calibration and testing services; and commercialization of products seeking to comply with the applicable legal requirements.

This Politic is founded on the following objectives:

  • Seeks the Development and Training o Four Co-workers
  • Attend the Needs of Our Clients;
  • Develop the Suppliers to Improve the Processes
This Politic shows the commitment of Träume Solutions’ entire workforce with the Quality Management System

SMS Policies

Träume Solutions compromises in providing a health and safe work environment, conducting its business activities in order to protect the environment. This commitment is made easier by the Company’s Management System, which abides by the following principles:

  • Promote safety, prevent human injury or loss of life, prevent property and environmental damage
  • Provide safe practices in all operations and a safe work environment
  • Show continuous improvement and pollution prevention
  • Evaluate all identified hazards in our facilities, both personal and environmental, and establish adequate precautions
  • Continuously improve the safety management skills of the onshore and offshore personnel, including the preparation for emergency situations regarding both safety and environmental protection
  • Comply with environmental standards’ requirements and other interested parties, applicable to the activities and services developed by the company
  • Commit with illness and injuries’ prevention as well as with the continuous improvement of the SMS management and performance
  • Communicate to all people who work for, on behalf of and under the organization’s control, their health and safety obligations in order to ensure the subject’s awareness among the workforce.
  • Provide a high level of commitment with complying the requirements and continuously improve the Management System’s efficiency
  • Spread all Management System’s aspects and maintain familiarization in all of the organization’s levels
  • Ensure that all employees are competent enough to perform their specific tasks
  • Maintain a communication system which allows the incident, potential incidents and non-conformities analysis
  • Spread the recommendations to prevent any problem from recurring in the Company
  • Invest in technology and innovations for services providence, with quality, complying with our customer’s demands
  • Constantly perfect the internal processes to comply with the clients’ needs seeking to continuously improve
  • Train its workforce and value their professional performance. This Policy shows the commitment of all Träume Solutions workforce with the Quality Management Systemfinição e revisão de metas e objetivos de saúde ocupacional, segurança e meio ambiente;

Drugs and Alcohol Policies

Träume Solutions seeking to maintain its services’ good quality, establishes and adopts this Policy in its business conduction, aiming towards social responsibility, safety and well-being of lives, patrimony and environment, ensuring the work execution in the highest safety and efficiency standards. It warns its workforce that alcoholism and drug dependency are potentially harmful agents in the work, social and familiar scope. As such, it relays that it shall not tolerate its workers, whenever doing any working activity in any location on behalf of the company or within its facilities:

  • The Ingestion of Alcoholic Beverages or Drugs of Any Kind
  • Transportation of Drugs of Any Kind in the Company’s Vehicles
  • Carry Alcoholic Beverages or Drugs
  • Should any Case be Confirmed With Such Facts, the Worker is Passible of Disciplinary Measures.

Associations and Certifications

Our Clients

Träume Solutions cultivates a close relationship with its clients, conquered by the dedication and quality standards that allows us to proudly share this gallery.