Assembly and Commissioning

  • Supply of Labor for Electrical Installations, Instrumentation and Mechanics;
  • Docking (Vessels) and Shutdown (Industrial Plants);
  • Electrical Assembly, Instrumentation and Mechanics;
  • Maintenance of Electric Motors (Bearings, Alignment, Etc);
  • Elaboration of Electrical Ddiagrams (Unfilar, Tripfy and Command), List of Cables, Modifications;
  • Identification of Electrical Circuits;
  • Assembly and Maintenance of Infrastructure for Electrical and Telecommunications Cabling;
  • Checking the Torque of the Connections;
  • Updating of Technical Documentation;
  • Assembly of Electrical Installations EX;
  • Dielectric Strength Tests in NR 10: Insulating Gloves, Rescue and Maneuvering Bats, Insulating Benches, Isolated Tools, Insulating Rugs, Insulating Stairs, Class B Helmets, Temporary Grounding, etc. (learn more about our laboratory department)
  • Calibration of Electrical Measurement Instruments: Multimeters, Ammeters, Oscilloscope, Voltmeter, Wattmeter, etc. (learn more about our laboratory department)
  • Electrical Testing: Insulation Resistance Cables and Coils, Applied Voltage and Induced Voltage (Hipot), Contact Resistance, Transformer Test Spiral Relay Meter, Insulating Oil Analysis (learn more about our lab department);

Predictive and Preventive Maintenance

  • Thermographic Inspection
  • Vibration Analysis
  • Thickness Measurement by Ultrasound
  • Boroscopy Inspection
  • Power Quality Analysis

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