Piping Marking

This type of signaling is applied in several types of industries, regardless of the segment, because where people are present, this procedure must be implemented to promote safety and guidance for all.

Piping Marking

Piping Marking details not only the fluid direction content, but also its code and color pattern. The TAGs are manufactured in PET canvas, printed in high-quality Eco Solvents ink and laminated to better protect the material against UV, heat and contaminants and can therefore be used in indoor or outdoor areas with a long shelf life.

Security Signage and Awareness

The SAS (Safety Awareness System) is a solution based on illustrative safety signage to improve employee awareness in hazardous areas and operations, mandatory requirements, and prohibited actions. Transcending cultural and linguistic barriers, it can be used on all types of vessels / platforms anywhere in the world. The system eradicates the need for multiple signaling by reducing the risk of non-viewing, providing a high visual impact and eliminating the need to readjust existing signaling if the drive moves to other locations. Träume Solutions products comply with all international regulations. Our SAS frames are made to fit the customer’s corporate identity, including logos, colors and area / room titles.

Security Signage

Träume Solutions provides signage solutions specially designed and manufactured to meet the standards and standards of our customers.

Types of Signage:

  • Signs of danger
  • Mandatory Signs
  • Prohibition Signaling
  • Hazardous Chemicals
  • Varied Information Signaling

Fire and Rescue Signaling

Photoluminescence is used in the manufacture of signals required by the IMO (International Maritime Organizations) in firefighting and rescue equipment being a vital condition to highlight the information both in the presence and absence of illumination. All signs comply with the requirements of ISO, SOLAS, NBRs Firefighters and specific legislation.

Life Saving Appliance Plans

Life Saving Appliance (LSA) plans demonstrate vital equipment in an emergency, as well as primary and secondary escape routes within a facility. Based on the facility’s floor plan, LSA plans are customized to demonstrate both optional and mandatory pictograms; this includes firefighting equipment, first aid equipment / areas, and other items such as SOPEP kits, telephones, jackets, etc. Each plan can be customized to show the company logo, as well as the elevation and name of the deck.

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