In order to optimize the management of engineering projects, delivering an improved level of planning and control of operations, Träume integrates into its portfolio and offers management in the Supply Chain.

What is Supply Chain?

The Supply Chain, consists of the management of inputs and materials for the demands of the projects of the Engineering division performed by Träume, which aims to guarantee the supply of these facilities from the beginning until the conclusion of the operation.

How much will I spend on my project?

This is one of the issues that are immediately addressed in the implementation of Träume’s Supply Chain, which also guarantees total predictability in the various supply processes for your project, delivering data and tools that will help you with precision in several aspects such as Costs, logistics planning, labor, among others.

Everything is duly documented and registered, to control the full monitoring of the project.

Materials missing from the supplier. And now?

Ensuring supply – this is the central point of all Supply Chain management, and Träume has the necessary ‘Know how’, in addition to experience in this culture, to ensure a stable and optimized supply chain. That is, our customers have no contact with problems of availability, negotiations, quality inspection, and other aspects arising from provisioning.

Why implement the Supply Chain in my Project?

In addition to the control and optimizations already mentioned, the Supply Chain is the solution for project managers who cannot take risks and wish to invest all their focus and attention on the later aspects of their projects and / or on preferential details of their area or expertise.

The Supply Chain is not just a solution for large projects or for a specific type. It can be implemented in any projects that need an effective Supply Chain.

Träume’s Supply Chain is a additional resource to the solutions of our Engineering division.

For various technical and non-viable issues, Träume reserves the right not to offer this solution in isolation. In other words, it is only possible to contract Träume’s Supply Chain as an additional module to Engineering solutions or incorporated into the service provision contract.